About Inland Empire Fleet Maintenance

Mission: Our mission is to support smaller fleets with fast, efficient, and reliable maintenance and repair services, while prioritizing honesty, transparency, and generous customer service. We will fix your truck right the first time!

Vision: Our vision is to become the go-to destination for fleet maintenance and management in the Inland Empire, known for our commitment to small to mid-size fleets, top-tier technicians, advanced technology, and long-term customer relationships.

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Values: The Principles Guiding Our Truck Repair & Fleet Services


We strive to build trusting, long-term relationships with our customers through honesty, accountability, and transparency in all our interactions. The relationship must work for both sides to be successful.


We keep our customers informed of every step of the process, ensuring they are aware of the status and timeline for their fleet trucks. The IE Fleet owners are readily available to address any concerns, even after hours and on weekends for their current customers.


We invest in advanced technology and employ certified technicians who deliver the highest caliber of maintenance and repair services.

Customer Service

We go above and beyond to exceed our customers' expectations, providing personalized attention and generosity while finding the best solutions to meet their fleet maintenance needs.

What Makes Inland Empire Fleet Maintenance Different?

We Love Small Fleets!

Unlike other providers, we welcome small to mid-size fleets and deliver the same high-quality services to all our customers.


We prioritize convenience by offering flexible hours, on-site repairs, roadside assistance, and contracted towing services, making fleet maintenance hassle-free for our customers.

No Long-Term Contracts

We prioritize customer service and quality repairs over contractual obligations, offering flexibility and trust in our relationships.

One-Stop Fleet Shop

We streamline the repair process for our customers by coordinating with specialists as needed, eliminating unnecessary paperwork and transportation hassles.

Certified Fleet Technicians

We only hire the best diesel and truck mechanics, ensuring they understand our mission, values, and dedication to customer support.

Advanced Fleet Maintenance Technology and Equipment

We invest in the highest level of diagnostic technology and provide our technicians with access to specialized equipment and resources.

Company History: How We Got Where We Are

Steve Wilson and his wife Jennifer, started Inland Empire Fleet Maintenance after years in the trucking industry. The decision came while they both worked for the same trucking company as managers. Steve had worked there a little longer and was in a higher managerial position than Jennifer. Things were going well until a new company acquired their employer and started letting managers go. Jennifer added that they weren’t fair about it, laying off those near retirement without giving them the option to retire early. Then, despite his experience and performance, as with other managers, Steve was laid off as well.

Never Again

“I decided I’m never going to get laid off again,” he said.

What he didn’t realize was that Jennifer had enough too.

“I walked into his office, and I looked at him and said let’s walk out together.”

When Jennifer and Steve left that day, jaws dropped in shock. One of the executives ran after them and begged Jennifer to stay, and that’s when she knew she had foiled their plan. She had figured out they were getting rid of the higher paid managers and expecting the lower paid managers to take on their responsibilities without extra compensation.

“They were going to replace him with me and save $30,000 . . .” she said.

An Unexpected Boom

Neither of them knew what was next, but Steve had the entrepreneurial spirit. He’d tried to start businesses in the past but didn’t have the right partner. With Jennifer, he knew they had what it takes.

“We’ve both been in trucking all our lives,” Steve said. “. . . We had experience running shops, hiring people, managing people.”

In 2019, Steve found a dealership selling territory, and they decided to buy it even though there wasn’t an established customer base. To make it work, they would have to build their client list from nothing. Steve said their first mechanic sat around without anything to do for the first six months. They had started to make some progress by 2020 but then Covid hit.

“Nobody knew what was going to happen. Is it the end of the world or what?” Steve said.

This had the potential to shut down everything they had worked for, but then the automotive industry was designated as an essential service, and everyone turned to online shopping, which required deliveries and delivery trucks. Suddenly, business was booming.

Building a Better Business

From the beginning, Steve and Jennifer wanted to run their business differently. They set out to truly help their customers and treat their employees right. Steve wanted to provide the best possible service with transparency and clear communication. He also wanted to give customers access to him as the owner.

“A lot of customers are unhappy with their current fleet services,” Steve said. “Our quality and attention to customers set us apart. The fact that they can talk to us [the owners] about any problems—you can’t do that with a lot of the competition.”

As owner and shop manager, Jennifer wanted to make sure they hired the best people and treated them as such.

“When we started this business, I wanted to create an environment where people didn’t feel like they were just a number,” she said. “If I take care of my employees, they will take care of my customers.”

They also wanted to provide more than just a service. They both understood that if a truck is down, their client’s business is losing money. So, they provide convenient services like traveling to their customers for regular maintenance or simple repairs. They also offer roadside assistance and towing. Further, they work on their customers’ schedules and get the trucks back to them as quickly as possible. Jennifer said they always get a tech started on diagnosing a truck the same day it arrives, and she has rules about work orders being open for longer than a week.

“We pay close attention to this. We understand the pressure from that side because we’ve been there. The most expensive thing in this business is time,” she said.

Good Values Make Good Businesses

The success of their philosophies is apparent from their thriving business. In only a few short years, they outgrew their first location and recently moved to a larger shop in Colton, CA. As they continue to prosper, they have plans to start sponsoring charitable organizations, and they offer their exceptional customer service to anyone who calls, even if they won’t turn into potential business.

“We never say no,” Jennifer said. “We always give them an answer or option even if it’s not us.”

When Steve and Jennifer walked out of their previous jobs, they had no guarantees of what lay ahead, but now they have the work environment they always wanted because they built it together.

“It was a weird, rushed decision, but it was also like the best thing we ever did,” Jennifer said.

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