International Truck Repair Services in San Bernardino & Riverside, CA

Inland Empire Fleet Maintenance specializes in providing top-notch repair services for International Trucks in Colton, California. Our experienced technicians possess the knowledge and expertise required to address the unique challenges associated with maintaining and repairing these robust diesel vehicles.

Navistar Engines: Expertise and Precision

International Trucks are powered by Navistar engines, known for their durability and performance. Our technicians are well-versed in the intricacies of these engines, allowing us to perform tasks like fuel injection calibration, exhaust system repair, and engine component replacement with utmost precision.

Transmission Services for International Trucks

At Inland Empire Fleet Maintenance, our team excels in identifying and addressing transmission problems in International Trucks. We provide an array of services, such as clutch fine-tuning, gearbox maintenance, and transmission fluid replacements, to guarantee your truck's efficient and seamless performance on the road.

Advanced Electrical Systems Repair

Modern International Trucks feature complex electrical systems that require specialized knowledge and skills to maintain and repair. Our technicians are trained to troubleshoot and resolve issues related to wiring, control modules, and sensors, ensuring your truck's electrical systems function at their best.

Suspension, Steering, and Brake System Services

Maintaining a well-functioning suspension, steering, and brake system is crucial for the safety and performance of International Trucks. Our professionals at Inland Empire Fleet Maintenance possess the expertise to service and repair these components, ensuring your truck delivers a secure and comfortable driving experience.

International Trucks Preventative Maintenance

Routine preventative maintenance is critical for prolonging your International Truck's lifespan and reducing expensive repairs. Our team creates tailored maintenance plans that cater to your truck's particular requirements, taking into consideration factors such as usage habits, operating environments, and manufacturer's guidelines.

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) System Servicing and Repair

International Trucks feature sophisticated heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to provide drivers with a comfortable driving environment. Our skilled technicians at Inland Empire Fleet Maintenance specialize in maintaining and fixing these systems, guaranteeing optimal climate management during your trips. We provide services such as refrigerant refilling, compressor maintenance, and heater core replacements to ensure your truck's HVAC system operates efficiently.

Engines We Service

  • International LT Series
  • International HX Series
  • International HV Series
  • International LoneStar
  • International ProStar
  • International MV Series
  • International RH Series

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Inland Empire Fleet Maintenance is your ideal partner for International Truck repair services in Colton, California. Our skilled technicians are committed to delivering exceptional service and ensuring the best performance for your diesel vehicles. To learn more or schedule an appointment, reach out to us through our website or shop phone number.

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