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Emission control systems, including Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) and Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF), play a crucial role in reducing vehicle emissions and maintaining compliance with environmental regulations. Inland Empire Fleet Maintenance in Colton, California, offers expert EGR and DPF repair services for fleet, heavy-duty, light-duty, and medium-duty vehicles to ensure optimal performance and compliance.

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EGR & DPF Cleaning & Maintenance Services: What We Offer

Inland Empire Fleet Maintenance provides comprehensive EGR and DPF repair services to address various issues that can impact your vehicles' emissions, performance, and fuel efficiency. Our skilled technicians can perform a range of EGR and DPF-related repairs, including:

  1. EGR valve cleaning, repair, or replacement: Our team can diagnose and address issues with EGR valves, which play a vital role in reducing nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions.
  2. EGR cooler cleaning or replacement: EGR coolers help lower exhaust gas temperatures before they are recirculated into the engine. We can clean or replace damaged or clogged EGR coolers as needed.
  3. DPF cleaning and regeneration: Our technicians can perform DPF cleaning and regeneration to restore filter efficiency and extend the life of your DPF.
  4. DPF repair or replacement: We can diagnose and repair damaged DPFs or replace them if necessary, ensuring proper exhaust filtration and reduced emissions.

The Importance of EGR & DPF Repair Services

Investing in professional EGR and DPF repair services from Inland Empire Fleet Maintenance offers several benefits for your vehicles:

  1. Regulatory compliance: Properly functioning EGR and DPF systems help ensure your vehicles meet state and federal emissions standards, avoiding potential fines or penalties.
  2. Improved fuel efficiency: Maintaining EGR and DPF systems can contribute to better fuel efficiency, reducing operating costs for your fleet.
  3. Enhanced performance: Addressing EGR and DPF issues can help optimize engine performance and reduce the risk of costly repairs or breakdowns.
  4. Environmental responsibility: Regular EGR and DPF maintenance contribute to cleaner air and a healthier environment by reducing harmful emissions.

Inland Empire Fleet Maintenance: Your EGR & DPF Specialists

Inland Empire Fleet Maintenance is dedicated to providing top-notch EGR and DPF repair services in Colton, California. Our experienced technicians possess the knowledge, expertise, and equipment necessary to diagnose and resolve EGR and DPF issues, ensuring your vehicles maintain optimal performance and emissions compliance.

Partnering with Inland Empire Fleet Maintenance for your EGR and DPF repair needs means you can trust that your vehicles will receive the highest level of care and attention. Our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and efficiency makes us the ideal choice for maintaining the performance and reliability of your fleet.

Heavy Duty Vehicle Inspection Program (HDVIP)

This program requires that trucks and busses with a weight rating over 6,000 pounds are tested by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). This usually applies to heavy-duty trucks and buses. The Society of Automotive Engineers’ (SAE) J1667 snap-acceleration test procedure determines if there has been any tampering or if there is excessive smoke. Even if a truck is registered in other state or country, it’s still required to be tested to be operational in California.

CARB inspection can happen at any time without prior notification at the following locations:

• CHP weigh stations

• Random roadside locations

• Fleet facilities

• State or Federal borders

Penalties for Violations ECL Penalties: 

• For each violation of a missing or illegible label, there’s a penalty of $300.

• There are two levels of citation for Opacity and Tampering (other than a tampered ECL):

First Level Citation – A minimum of $300 is made even if the owner provides proof of repairs by submitting it to CARB within 45 days. The penalty goes up to $800 after that period.

Second Level Citation – Each violation become $1,800 if there are any additional violations on the same vehicles within a year. The vehicle must pass another test to clear the citation. The CHP can take a vehicle out of service if the penalty isn’t paid or if the truck isn’t repaired. CARB may also place a hold on the registration renewal via the DMV.

Source: California Air Resources Board HDVIP Pamphlet

California's Periodic Smoke Inspection Program (PSIP)

Alongside the HDVIP is the Periodic Smoke Inspection Program (PSIP) which ensures trucks are properly maintained for emissions and tampering.

Program Requirements

Annual smoke opacity tests are required on fleets of two or more where diesel vehicles over a 6,000 weight rating with engines older than four years. 1998 and newer diesel trucks with a 6,000-14,000 weight rating must do biannual smog checks and as such are not required to get the PSIP testing.

Inspection Requirements

• The testing abides by the Society of Automotive Engineers’ (SAE) J1667 snap-acceleration test procedure.

• Trucks that fail the test must be repaired and retested.

• Testing can only be done with a SAE J1667-compliant smoke meter.

• Opacity levels must meet limits provided by the state.

Training Requirements for Smoke Testers

To do the tests for commercial trucks, CARB requires completion of the California Council on Diesel Education Technology (CCDET) training course or another CARB approved smoke tester course.

Recordkeeping Requirements

The most recent two consecutive years of PSIP test results must be maintained by fleet owners. Any repairs, secondary testing or meter calibrations must be included. CARB may audit these records.

Source: California Air Resources Board PSIP Pamphlet

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